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Please note that HasOffers Affiliate Tracking has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of HasOffers Affiliate Tracking below, or check out the rest of the Affiliate Tracking Software we've reviewed.

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Category: Affiliate Tracking Software (AKA Internet Tracking Software)
Website: http://www.hasoffers.com

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HasOffers Affiliate Tracking Review

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Has Offers Affiliate Tracking Software is the market leader in this category, being the product of choice for more than 11,500 online businesses. Providing services for huge brands such as Living Social, Sears, Zynga and many more, you can be sure that this software comes complete with all of the features you could possibly need to establish, run and maintain a highly successful affiliate marketing program.

Founded in 2009, Has Offers is proud of its rapid ascent to the top in this competitive market and is responsible for designing some of the most impressive technology and software we found when reviewing the products in this market. Regardless of the market you’re in, or the kind of business you run, we’re sure that Has Offers Affiliate Tracking will help you improve sales and build a following for your company.

At the outset, it’s probably worth noting that Has Offers isn’t the cheapest product we have reviewed in this category. While this is not uncommon when compared to other categories we have reviewed, the difference between this product and some of the others in this category does warrant some consideration. The product is charged out at between $279 and $799 per month, depending on the features a user requires. This may seem a little steep (our No.2 product in this category comes out at $99 per month at its most expensive, starting at just $19 per month), but we do have to say the increased cost is justified if you’re looking to see real success in your affiliate program. If you’re willing to invest a little, the returns can be massive – so read on to find out everything you need to know about Has Offers and how it can help you build a great affiliate program.

  In terms of features, Has Offers really does have everything you need to establish, manage and grow a high-quality affiliate program.  

In terms of features, Has Offers really does have everything you need to establish, manage and grow a high-quality affiliate program. With everything from tracking to billing covered, Has Offers makes it easy to recruit and train affiliates, and then set them to work to promote and develop your business for you. Almost all the features included with Has Offers can be customized, meaning the program you run can be completely bespoke to your business – one of the reasons Has Offers advertises itself as being as suitable for Brand Advertisers and Ad Agencies as it is for small e-commerce stores and individual super-affiliates.

A number of features in particular stood out for us, so it’s important that we bring them to our readers’ attention in order to properly appraise Has Offers. The first of these is the overall quality and reliability of the service, with the software having been specifically designed to guarantee more uptime than any other service in the market. Load balanced DNS servers provide reliable global coverage and ensure that all commissions and conversions are recorded – not a single one is missed! Secondly, we were impressed by the tracking features employed by the service, with multi-level tracking being used (both cookie-based and cookieless) to ensure that customers are effectively tracked throughout their surfing activity. Furthermore, the geotargeting and browser targeting features improve the specificity of offers and advertising, improving the overall return on investment (one of the reasons why Has Offers is worth its slightly larger price-tag).

In terms of functionality, Has Offers doesn’t disappoint. Users can make use of excellent ‘mail room’ features to stay in regular contact with affiliates, which helps to ensure they are performing to the best of their abilities. These network wide communication tools make contacting vast numbers of individuals simple and straightforward, making the service ideal for expanding programs. Another key feature of Has Offers that is well-executed is the payment system, which permits users to streamline affiliate payments through PayQuicker, Payonce and the omnipotent PayPal. This is a huge pull for affiliates (everyone wants to get paid on time) and will no doubt improve the popularity of your affiliate program.

  If you’re looking for a high-end software solution to help develop an affiliate marketing program, Has Offers could well be the perfect choice.  

Program managers can also monitor the activities of individual affiliates, or all affiliates on the program as a whole, using the service’s excellent analytics tools. These provide real-time data about the performance of affiliates and programs generally, giving those who run the programs a unique opportunity to streamline and develop the programs based on the most up-to-date information. Finally, the service’s status checker (at status.hasoffers.com) gives all users a quick way of checking whether all Has Offers features are operational – a small feature, but a useful one nonetheless.

Of key importance when selecting an affiliate tracking and management software package is the ability of the software to adapt and flex to programs as they grow in size (known broadly in the industry as ‘scalability’). Again, Has Offers doesn’t disappoint in this respect, giving users access to tools and features that helps them grow their business, improve traffic and boost revenues. When the program does grow in importance and size, the software grows too – automatically reallocating resources to ensure that the level of service enjoyed by each partner is continually top-notch. Excellent!

We were incredibly impressed by Has Offers Affiliate Tracking software. The ‘Software as a Service’ approach adopted by the publishers of this software means that customers enjoy the highest level of service and quality, whilst also allowing them to customize the product to the highest possible extent. This results in an affiliate program that is bespoke and easy to manage – which will no doubt also result in increased popularity amongst affiliates. The wide range of features on offer help those maintaining the programs to do so with ease, largely justifying the higher-than-average cost of this software package. If you’re looking for a high-end software solution to help develop an affiliate marketing program, Has Offers could well be the perfect choice. Why not give it a try.

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Please note that HasOffers Affiliate Tracking has now been discontinued.

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